Film fees and charges


Sending in an application to film is free. A guide to charges is listed below. Location fees are applicable for filming in Parks, Civic Buildings, Markets, Estates, Libraries and any property.

Location Fees

Full Day Rates*:
Band 1 – Features/Commercials/High-end TV – £2000 – £5000
Band 2 – TV Drama/Music Video – £1000- £2500
Band 3 – Small Scale: Stills, Docs, Other – £250- £1500
Prep and strike days are charged at 50% of the agreed shooting day fee.
*Please note: these are indicative costs*

Overtime rates applicable and half day rates available on request.

A shoot day is 12 hours, generally from 0700-1900 hours.

Licence fee

A license fee is applied to all shoots with the exception of student filming and low budget street filming (less than 10 people). For all other filming a licence fee will be applied – £250 per application

Street filming

For small scale low budget street filming less than 10 people will issue a filming licence – no charge. For street filming that requires extended officer time/resources a £250 licence fee will apply.


(get this application in as early as possible – to help us help you!)
Parking needs to be booked 5 days prior to shoot. An admin charge is applicable of £125 per application. If a production requires more than one location/separate street a separate admin charge will apply. Here’s what we need from you:
– A map of the area with bays you would like us to suspend, clearly marked out.
– An exact number of bays, and days you would like them to be suspended for.

Please note –
-All applications are subject to approval by Highways.
-No prior coning is permitted by the crews.

Bay suspensions and single and double yellow line waivers, full Day Rates*::
– £40 per bay for cars and transits (1 x bay length)
– £50 per bay for large vans (1.5 x bays length)
– £60 per bay for HGVs (2 x bays length)
• Unit bases
– £500 to £1000 a day

Road management

For all traffic management requests, you will need to provide us with:
– A traffic management plan (TMP), which clearly illustrates/maps out the area you are intending to use with operative station and signage points
– Risk assessment and method statement
– The TM company instructed by the production will need to be fully accredited and evidence of this will need to be provided

Approval of all traffic management requests are sought from our highways department and permission is granted on a case by case basis.

Full Day Rates*:
• Traffic management order (TMO) – £400 (lead time 5 working days)
• Road by closure by notice – £1536 (lead time as necessary/by agreement)
• Road closure by order – £1800 (lead time 4 – 6 weeks)

Officer Time

The initial recce is free and subsequent recces are charge at £50 per hour.

We apply extra charges for film officer time when:
– The film officer is required to make lengthy arrangements for a production or be present on location.
– When a shoot is subject to specific requirements and a film officer has to attend the shoot e.g. on a night shoot, to ensure compliance
– There is a breach of a filming licence / Code of Practice and the film officer has to investigate.
– When the film officer has to clear up after a production e.g. by arranging a re-instatement, removing unit signs, clearing rubbish – this will include film officer time + cleaning/reinstatement charges

Site specific charges

Charges may be applicable that are site specific, i.e. utilities, security, prop hire.

* We add VAT to all location fees as standard.