‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ is a catchphrase we all know well, but did you know that in September 2016, the opticians filmed one of its commercials in Barking?

Part of the brand’s £1 million TV advertising campaign to promote eye health, the ad was shot in locations across the borough, including Barking Town Square, Barking Market and Clockhouse Avenue. It shows an optometrist intervening to help people to avoid a series of potentially disastrous accidents, one of which is the cartoon comedy classic – a piano falling from a height. Don’t worry, no one was harmed during the making of this advert, though we can’t say the same for the piano… This thrilling scene required the use of a mobile crane and a large-scale unit with many technical vehicles, all of which can be accommodated by the film LBBD team and the borough. Just make sure we’re well clear before dropping any pianos please.