In November 2016, Marvel brought another of its comic book superheroes to life on the film screen in the form of Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. As well as being shot in such exotic locations as Nepal, Hong Kong and New York, the big-budget blockbuster also filmed pivotal hospital scenes at The Science Park in Dagenham back in November 2015.

Set within a 17-acre campus, the former Sanofi pharmaceutical plant provides an extraordinary number and variety of locations and is ideal for shoots featuring scientific, medical and forensic content. The test laboratories, medical devices and IT equipment once used for the research and production of life-saving cancer drugs were perfectly suited to host Doctor Strange’s mystical experiments.

This is the largest project that Film LBBD has worked on to date, with more than 200 cast and crew present, and seeing one of the borough’s locations in the movies really was marvelous!