Film fees and charges




Sending in an application to film is free. A guide to charges is listed below. Location fees are applicable for filming in Parks, Civic Buildings, Markets, Estates, Libraries and any property.

Location Fees

(*Crew numbers include cast all personnel/contributors present e.g. security)

Please note that fees are suggested and until we have the full filming intentions, costs will not be confirmed.

Very small crew*

(1-5 people) 

Small Crew* 

(6-15 people) 

Medium Crew*

(16-35 people) 

Large Crew*

(36-55 people) 

Extra Large Crew* 


From £140 per hour  £1500 to £2500  £2000 to £3500 £2500 to £4000 £4000 to £7500
    • VAT is applied to all location fees as standard
    • Prep and strike days are generally charged at 50% of the agreed shooting day fee
    • Overtime rates are applicable
    • N.B. A day is 12 hours access i.e. 10 hours shooting including one hour prep and one hour strike


This table is provided as a cost guide for Photography

Very small crew*

(1-5 people) 

Small Crew+

(6-15 people) 

From £100 per hour  £150 – £250 per hour 


Licence fee


A licence fee is applied to all shoots with the exception of student filming and low budget street filming

Size Licence fee 
Very small crew (1-5)  £150
Small crew+  £250 


Equipment on Highway (daily rate) 


This covers standard equipment on public highways e.g. dolly & track, lights on stands and ez-ups and excludes camera and tripod.

Half day  Full day 
£200  £400 


Officer Time


First Recce Free
Subsequent Recce’s £75-£100 per hour
Lengthy arrangements for production to be present on location £100 per hour
Specific requirements i.e night shoot £100 per hour 
Investigation in to breach of filming licence / Code of Practice £100 per hour
Cleaning and reinstatement Officer time + cleaning / reinstatement charges


Site Specific Charges


    • Charges may be applicable that are site-specific, i.e. utilities, security, prop hire.