Army Reserve Centre 2

The Army Reserve Centre is a modern building set in spacious grounds with a large parking area as well as a green outdoor space.

The Hall can take up to 200 which is a popular space for physical training. The two classrooms just off the main hall are well equipped for classroom based training.

The Sargeant’s Mess can be used as an additional training facility. The smaller Officers mess on the floor above can be utilised as a breakout/ lunch room.

There are an additional two classrooms separate from the main building which can be utilised for classroom based training. The upstairs has a number of offices which can be let on a longer term basis.

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This location s a 20 minute walk from Ilford station.

Parking availability

This location has a vast amount of open air parking for technical vehicles, crew cars and unit base parking.

Good to know

There’s ample space on site for unit bases. The private site has lots of offices that can be used as production office space.

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