Army Reserve Centre 1

Army Reserve Centre One, is a military base site set among spacious grounds offering a variety of locations in one place.

Location features:

  • A spacious main hall accommodating up to 200 people
  • Two 1970’s style army houses
  • Surrounded by lush green grounds
  • Ample hard standing for parking and filming
  • A large kitchen and bar
  • Warehouses
  • Classrooms and locker rooms
  • Empty office floors for production office space and filming



  • 20 minute walk from Ilford Station
    (where you can pick up other national rail links)
  • Easy access by car via the A12, and A406


  • Parking can be made available onsite on request
  • Unit Bases available close by


  • This is still an active military site and depending on the UK’s security status, the location may need to be rested at short notice
  • The site has lots of offices that can be used as production office space
  • Two empty houses

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