Dagenham Dock Footbridge

This grungy footbridge is shadowed by the A13 overpass and itself overlooks a train track leading to and from London giving this a very urban/industrial feel.

This location has lift access as well as a collection of old staircases leading to the ground floor and railway station, which is separate to this location. There are views from both the left and right side of the staircases which lead on through long industrial roads.

Transport links

Next door to this location are two TFL services including a railway network and a bus service towards Barking and Dagenham. The C2C line can be found at Dagenham Dock station which is located beneath the footbridge and this leads to Barking station where the District line and other national railway services can be found.

Parking availability

Parking can be made available upon request.

Good to know

  • The railway station and bus station are both separate to the location.
  • There is lift access at both ends of the footbridge for easy access.

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